Restoration Services

Historic Preservation Specialty Services

Preservation Is…

Rehabilitating historic properties conserves taxpayers’ dollars, conserves our local heritage, and conserves the natural environment. Rehabilitating historic buildings and using the infrastructure that is already in place to serve them is the height of fiscal and environmental responsibility.– Donovan Rypkema , Place Economics

Window and Door Services


Basic maintenance helps your windows and doors last a lifetime.

  • Inspection of mechanicals, weather stripping, glass, and structural components
  • Glass repair and replacement
  • Rope repair and replacement
  • Paint touch up
  • Glazing repair

Starting at $50 per hour plus materials


Minimal restoration to make windows and doors operable and restoration of mechanical components.

  • Cut upper and lower sash free
  • Minor structural repairs (no cosmetic repairs)
  • Scrape loose paint
  • Replace weather stripping as needed
  • Clean glass
  • Replace missing or loose glazing
  • Prime bare wood
  • Paint 1 coat interior/exterior finish paint

Starting at $250 per sash


Complete restoration to bring windows and doors back to life.

  • Cut upper and lower sash free
  • Strip paint from sash
  • Remove and replace glazing
  • Remove and clean glass
  • Make structural and cosmetic repairs
  • Repair or replace window hardware as needed
  • Clean and renew window hardware
  • Prime bare wood
  • Paint 2 coats of interior/exterior finish paint
  • Repair or replace weather stripping

Starting at $450 per sash


Windows and doors severely damaged by rot or termites require extensive reconstruction.

  • Structural repairs requiring wood replacement and reconstruction on window sashes, doors, and associated framing components.

Starting at $75 per hour plus materials

Final pricing is affected by many factors including condition of windows and doors, condition of frames/trim, condition of mechanical components, number of replaced glass panes, type of glass, window/door location (ground floor or higher), window/door style and number of panes, job location, etc. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Porch Restoration

If your historic home has a wood porch with rotten floor boards, failing structural components, rotten posts, or other millwork, we can help.

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Plaster Wall Repair

One of the more unique things about historic properties are the plaster walls. The character that comes from the hand floated wall coatings adds design interest and is also a healthier interior wall product. Plaster is a breathable material which inhibits mold and mildew growth.

Plaster cracks or fractures occur over time when plaster lets go of the lath on which it is mounted. This usually occurs where there has been water damage, structural movement, or extreme changes in temperature. The good news is plaster is repairable. Our plaster team can help restore your plaster walls.

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Historic Rehabilitation Consulting

Do you have a historic property in need of rehabilitation? Not sure where to start? What guidelines are you required to follow? Interested in having the property listed on the National Register?

Our historic consulting team will work with you on a plan for your property, while educating you on the key guidelines and approaches to preserving historic properties.

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