Historic Window Care

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…

Restoring your historic windows, whether wood or metal, is a significant investment. Post restoration care and maintenance will insure your windows have the best opportunity to last a life time.

The Foothills Historic team can help you learn self-care or signup for our annual maintenance service where our craftsman perform the maintenance services. Ask for a quote on our maintenance services as part of your restoration project.


Maintenance Class – $150.00

Learn how to perform annual maintenance from our craftsman and perform your own self-care annually. We will outline for you the tools, material and knowledge required to maintained the investment you have made in restoring your historic windows.

  • Inspect for
    • Moisture Damage
    • Paint damage
    • Glazing damage
    • Pest damage
    • Mechanical functions
  • Touch up Paint
  • Repair glazing
  • Caulk frame/trim as need
  • Repair broken glass
  • Clean glass

FHC – Annual Plan

Starting at $25 per window

The Foothills Historic team offers annual service contracts where a skilled craftsman will come to your property and perform a maintenance check. These services include,

  • Window and Window Frame Inspection
    • Moisture
    • Paint
    • Glazing
    • Pest
    • Mechanical
  • Touch up Paint
  • Repair glazing
  • Caulk frame/trim as need
  • Repair broken glass
  • Clean glass

We believe that an annual maintenance check minimizes the risk of a window becoming significantly damaged due to moisture, paint failure, pest damage or glazing failure. During a maintenance check if a window is found to have extensive damage/deterioration an assessment of repair recommendation will be made along with associated pricing. Our maintenance services start at $25 per window for ground level 1 over 1 windows or small windows and prices increase based on window size, number of lites, height of the window and difficulty in getting ladders or lifts to the windows. Minimum charges do apply.

FHC’s Rules of Window Maintenance

  1. Never let a non-window restoration contractor paint your window sashes, hardware or mechanical components!
  2. Never allow damaged glazing to be repaired with caulk or non-approved glazing!
  3. Open windows on a regular basis to prevent sticking
  4. Never defer window maintenance – Inspect windows annually and make repairs immediately

Let’s us help you maintain your investment today!