Honey Bee Removal

StoneWright Bee Removal and Rescue Service!!

2012 has been a great year.    We have added 5 bee hives to our bee farm and all the bees are already making honey!!    If you are interested in some of our farm raised honey or some “Wild” honey from one of our rescue hives click here: Buy Honey

We have also started offering bee removal and rescue services resulting from numerous calls regarding bee swarms or bees in structures.       We have added this service to our general contracting business, StoneWright Home Services, LLC.   WE REMOVE BEE HIVES AND RELOCATE THEM TO OUR FARM IN NORTH CAROLINA.

If you have bees in a tree or in your home or business give us a call.    Many bee removal services only remove bees from your property, however, we specialize in removal and repairs.   We will give you an estimate to remove and make any needed repairs.    We do not leave you to find another contractor to put your home or business back together.    We are a licensed NCGeneral contractor and fully insured.

The average bee removal from a structure (wall, roof, soffit, floor,etc) takes 6 to 8 hours to remove the bees and then several more hour to complete the repair.

Call 704-577-4323 for free estimate or email us at bees@stonewrighthomeservices.com.    We serve Gaston, Mecklenburg, Lincoln, Cleveland, Rutherford, and York Counties.    We will also travel to any location in NC and SC for a structural hive removal and repair.

We only do honey bee removal so please take time to review the following photos to identify your bees and check out some of the work we have done this year……………

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