A journal of the Stone family’s journey from Corporate America life to the Good Life in Gaston County.   It all began in the early 90’s when David choose the corporate path which had promises of  financial security, titles, climbing the ladder and a secure life for his young family.

Over the last 18 years David has been through many bank mergers, climbed the corporate ladder to a senior level leadership role, and had financial security while feeling that there was something more he needed to be doing.   After 2 layoffs,  he has chosen the path less traveled by many caught in the rat race of corporate life……..he has chosen to live the good life!!

David and wife, Jan are raising 4 kids ranging in age from 11 to 17 as well as a small farm of animals….. 4 dogs, 1 horse, 6 cats, 3 pigs, 30 hens, 3 roosters, and 1 hedgehog.     They live in southwest Gaston County where they home school all of their children and have begun to develop StoneWright Farms and a several other businesses.

Join them as they discover life outside of Corporate America!    They will appreciate any insight, discussions, or recommendations as they begin this new phase of their life.

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