Almost 30 years ago a young married couple bought their first home together… a late 1800’s farm house.    That farm house sparked our love of preserving historic properties.    Over the years we have learned a lot about what it takes to breath new life into these special properties in a way that extends their usefulness for future generations.

Fast forward to today……we have given new life to over 25 properties in various styles and complexity with most being built prior to 1950 and the earliest property dating back to the 1870s.    We have continued to sharpen our skills in many aspects of real estate and property preservation, resulting in professional licenses as Real Estate Brokers and General Contractors.

StoneWright Home Services, LLC was formed in 2005 as a property maintenance company to support our real estate firm, StoneWright Realty, Inc.   It has grown into a full service general contractor firm which has provided renovations of all sorts including kitchens, bathrooms and full house renovations.   Our passion has always been restoring historic properties and in 2021 our son, Chris, launched a new division of our firm called Foothills Historic Conservation (FHC).

Foothills Historic brings together craftsmen focused on the specialty skills needed in restoring components of historic properties inclusive of windows, doors, porches, porch posts, brackets, corbels, etc.    Our historic preservation services are available across North Carolina and South Carolina.