Spring is here and it is time for our Honey Bees to be out and about.    I want to remind all of my gardening and yard friends that many of the chemicals we like to put on our yards are bad for the honey bees.     We need honey bees to pollinate flowers, fruits and vegetables!    Think twice before you go to your favorite home improvement store and buy pest control for your yards and garden!!    Think organic if you can!

Spring is also the time when we see a lot of honey bees swarm!   This usually occurs because they out grow their current home and the hive splits to find a new home.      If you see a swarm…..see pictures below,  don’t worry or panic!    Stay calm, if you are in Gaston County give me a call (704-577-4323) or call your local extension office to ask a bee keeper to come remove it.     All bee keepers love to get spring swarms….they make great spring and fall honey!!