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Have you ever hired a trades person to do something for you…..paint, sheet rock repair, tile, flooring, cabinets, etc??   How did they do?    Did they deliver what you had envisioned?

As I continue to meet new clients and grow our StoneWright Home Services business, I am amazed at the number of clients that are unhappy with work they have paid good money to have done.    Many try to work with the trades people to make it right but from the client‘s perspective the craftsmen just want to rush through a job and collect their monies…….where is the quality?  Where is the caring about your work?   When you create something, are you not proud of it?

I know I am and when we set off to do a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, flooring, wainscoting, whatever it is…I want it to be the best it can be.   I want my clients to say WOW–,that is awesome!   That is the best work we have ever had done!!     If they are not saying this then I have not done my best which is just not acceptable.

A few weeks ago we were asked to come into the middle of a job that another contractor started and to do some work.  I normally do not act as a subcontractor as you lose some control around design and have no interaction with the customer.    A good friend had reached out to me on this job for some advice, as things were going terribly wrong.    I was able to share my knowledge with him to fix some of the issues but others would require starting all over, which the homeowner did not want to do.

This client had worked with a designer on the tile work for their bathroom which included LED lights in the shower.  The design looked good on paper, however the materials used to complement the floor and LED tiles were not the right match.   In addition, the original contractor did not frame the walls square or plumb…the main wall had a big bow in it.

We were asked to install the tiles as we were the only contractor that would install LED light tiles in a shower.    We installed the shower, floor and tub tiles based on the materials supplied to us by the previous contractor.   All of the framing and prep work was completed.    As we began installing the tile, we told the contractor that things were not right.   He assured us this was what the client wanted……..Take a look:

PA Shower with LED Lights

Once the tile was installed, the client really did not like the design nor did she like the way some of the tile was laid so she asked to talk with us directly.   I spent several hours talking with the client about the way the tile was laid and explained to her that her walls were not plumb or square.  I also explained that there were several issues with the shower base (which we did not build) and several other things.

The client was also unhappy with the tile choices selected by a designer at one of the big box stores….As you can see the shower floor does not match the wall or LED tiles.

In the end, we were able to gain the confidence of this client, helping her understand what needed to be done to get the bathroom done as she had envisioned.  We walked through the steps to square up the walls and laid out a new design with new materials.   Over the next 3 weeks, we will give this client the bathroom of their dreams.

While we do have some constraints as it relates to shower size and reusing some materials already purchased like faucets, tub, glass shower surround, and LED light tiles, the client has given us some flexibility to add to the design and enhance the final product.   A few special features of our design will be……LED light tiles in the shower,   a linear floor drain which would create a curbless shower,  some retro lighting and one of my favorite accents a 5ft wainscoting!

Stay tuned for updates on how this project is going….. I hope to upload some video of this project using my new Hero3…..should be exciting!!.