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What is my tag line, Connections that count all about?

I spent over 20 years working in corporate america.  During those 20 years, most in a leadership role, I learned how to make connections.  My career in the utility and financial services industries was filled with connections.    I learned how to network up and down the corporate ladder.  I learned inter and intra departmental connections.  I learned how to make connections between what products and services we created and what our customers really wanted.   Lastly, I learned how to build connections between technology and business.  While these connections were important for me to grow in my career, to deliver a new product/service, to complete a project or to save or make the company money, I never felt like those connections  made a difference.

The connections that really counted were the lasting friendships that I developed and the people I was able to encourage in their career, in their faith, and in their passions.    

In this new journey my goal is to make connections that really count.    Those connections that last beyond the moment….helping people grow from where they are, to where they aspire to be.  Making lasting connections that help people accomplish their goals whether short-term or long-term.   Giving time and resources to help people who might be struggling with their current situation.

Personally, I am a passionate remodelist who receives great satisfaction in taking the old, worn out, broken and just not right through a transformation to the restored, updated, and new.    I believe that my success in all my pursuits: Real Estate, Property Management, Property Preservation, farming and consulting is dependent on my ability to make connections that count!

Living the Good Life,