I had the opportunity at the end of 2011 to be the general contractor on a mini extreme home makeover in Gaston County.    Flint Groves Baptist Church decided to help a family in the church by restoring their home.    We had about 8 weeks to complete the following restoration and have the family home by Christmas.




We did not have 3000 volunteers like Extreme Home Maker to get this done but we had a small dedicated group of volunteers and tradesmen.   Only through God’s grace were we able to carry out all we did in a short time.    We gutted the house down to the studs.  Here are a few of the foundation repairs we had to do:

Rim Joist replacement

Rim Joist replacement at front door

From here we began to put the house back together again.   The result looked like this:

The family was home for the holidays.   I am sure they were blessed by this gift; however,  I know that I was blessed 10 fold by helping to make this happen.  
Some times our selfish nature gets focused too much on our wants.   It is projects such as these that bring perspective.   We all need to think in 2012 how we can help those who are in need or might be less fortunate than we are.    
I am confident that if we took all the monies spent each year  on Christmas gifts that we received but did not want or need, we could help more families.   
My newest  resolution is to expand the vision of the Hoyle Allred Fund, Inc, a charity I lead,  to offer assistance to families who don’t have the means to keep up their homes.   Maybe we can help another family this year.
Living the Good Life,