Well…lets start with our Home Services division -Congrats on getting our NC General Contracting License. Business has picked up a little.   We finished updating a home with new flooring and updated interior paint.   Working with several clients to finalize sub-contractors to replace/repair roofing among other work.  

With my brokerage business I  listed 2 houses in the Gastonia area…check them out at www.1156nealhawkins.com and www.2976daffodil.com.    I also continue to work with several clients helping them find investment properties.    For my investors, did I mention it is a great time to buy  bank owned properties!!  Give me a call.

Farming business…..2011 Garden is doing well…we have begun to bring in lots of beans, cucumbers, zucchini….okra, tomatoes, potatoes and other vegs are coming along.   For the first year our melons are looking good.   Corn was over taken by weeds (bad timing on my part)…but new plot has been tilled and will be planted soon for a late summer corn crop.   Fruit trees are growing very well for the first year and grape vines are producing several bunches of grapes.    Having Bees on the farm has been great for pollinating our plants.

Speaking of Bees..our 3 hives are all doing well, even after I knocked 2 of them over last week with the lawn mower.   Two hives have begun building out the honey supers where we will get honey…so it looks like we will have a small quantity our first year.

Our first attempt at raising pigs was a good experience and a little fun.   We took the first 2 hogs to the butcher and I must say that the all natural  meat is very good!!  We were able to get more than 500 lbs of meat from two hogs and I was surprised by the amount of fatback….any ideas on what you do with 30 lbs of fatback???   Taking suggestions!!