A lot accomplished this week….grading for riding arena continues, deck restoration continues, prep for irrigation system done, mulch spread, renovation on rental house nearing completion, Bee hives built, and ending the week with a real estate closing…2nd one this month!!!!!

Check out the pictures…..of all of our projects. Looking for additional work so if you or a friend need some home improvement work done give us a call, looking to buy or sale give us a call or if you have rental property that you want someone else to manage..give us a call.

Project updates:

Riding arena : Made good progress this week in preping the riding area. Generated several bolders and a lot of flat granite as we were preparing the base. If you know of anyone looking for flag stone to make a walkway give me a call….we have several tons we will sell.f

Deck Restoration: Removed rails from deck for staining….made final decision to stain all rails and post white and use an Australian timber oil – Jarrah Brown on deck floor. Can’t wait to see final product…but need some more warm weather.

Garden Irrigation: Paths cleared to lake for installation early next week of a garden irrigation system. Took final measurements and all supplies delivered tomorrow to project site!! Can’t wait to get this work done…..it has been a great learning experience so far.

Property Management/Rehab ….trim installed and painting completed in 3rd bedroom. Installing closet doors and light fixtures tomorrow and carpet to finish off the project next week. Renters moving in April 1st! Only one vacancy left on a 2br, 1.5ba townhome in Mt. Holly..tell your friends.

Real Estate….obtained 2 new clients this week and ending the week with a closing. There are alot of good deals on the market right now. Good time for buying. Need an agent give me a call.

Farm notes….Ben and I completed Bee school this week and I think Ben did better than I on the certification test…..I do hope I passed??     Ben and I completed building our bee hives this week….we need to paint them and start building our frames next week.     Bees to arrive in early April!!!    Then Crowders Mountain Raw Honey in July!!!