In 2011, I start a new journey as a full-time real estate broker, property manager and home remodeler. I have spent the last 20 years as a customer experience, technology and internet leader for corporate America. My desire is to take my passion for real estate combined with my passion for the customer and technology to deliver a superior service to you, my future client.

I am a native of Gastonia where I currently reside with my wife and 4 children. In addition to spending time with my family, I also enjoy the pursuit of my personal passions or hobbies which include building my knowledge as a real estate investor, remodeler, wood worker, real estate broker, property manager and most recently farmer.

I began dabbling in real estate in 1992 when I first acquired a NC real estate license. I took a break from real estate in the late 90’s ; however, in early 2000 I began investing and rehabbing property. I obtained my broker license in 2002 and have been an active broker and investor since.

My personal brand is all about making Connections That Count…. and I want to help connect sellers to buyers, buyers to homes, investors to income producing property, landlords to renters and renters to homes. If you are looking for a broker who is passionate about you, the customer, who understands the importance of family and who knows about real estate in Gaston County, then give me a call today!

I look forward to serving you